The Next Generation in Fitness & Sports Monitoring is Here

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Announcing the new BC-1000 Wireless Body Composition Monitor with ANT+ technology for dedicated sports people and athletes.

The BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor offers the ability to wirelessly link data to remote devices such as a PC, Garmin Fitness Watch or Tanita Desk Top Display.

In addition to weight, body fat percentage, and hydration levels, the BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor provides measurements on muscle mass, overall physique rating, daily calorie intake, metabolic age rating, bone mass, and visceral fat.

The BC-1000 will communicate with a PC to wirelessly transmit these nine readings within seconds after stepping on the platform. The GMON Software package automatically stores the measurements, performs trend analysis and highlights progress. All the data can be printed on an easy-to-read Assessment Sheet.

When using the Garmin Fitness Devices (FR60, FR60LTD,FR70, 310XT,610 and Forerunner 910), the readings of weight, body fat and body water are wirelessly displayed on the watch, while all nine readings are stored in the watch. When in range of a user’s computer, the information is automatically transmitted to the computer using the wireless USB Stick and captured by Garmin Connect.

The compact D1000 Desktop Display captures the measurements and displays them on the backlit screen for up to 4 users. Perfect for those who need instant readings and do not need to record measurements on a PC.

Improvements in sports performance can be achieved by closely monitoring changes in body composition over time:

• Ensuring hydration levels are maintained to an optimum level before any sports activities

• Fine-tune dietary intake according daily calorie intake recommendations

• Evaluate the effectiveness of fitness programs and continually set new targets for muscle mass and body fat levels.

The wireless feature allows maximum convenience and privacy of transferring their personal data. The BC1000 Body Composition Platform is a ‘must’ for any fitness enthusiast in optimising their performance by understanding the impact of training on the body and allowing new targets to be set on an on-going basis.

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